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Ideas and Inventions ( Results)

Umbilical Absorption from Bacteria - February 27, 2014
it there any benefit to hypothesized umbilical absorption bellybutton bacteria?

Made of The Same Stuff - September 27, 2013
We're all made of the same stuff you know. If you dissect white light through a prism? Rainbow. If you mix all the colors in another way? Black. This is called additive and subtractive color.

Drug Problem and Education - February 24, 2013
The idea of outlawing drugs is preposterous in my humble opinion. Imagine if we outlawed everything someone could get high from. Paint, glue, markers, oxygen (yes), coffee? That barely scrapes the top of the list. Continue...
I LIKE watching Advertisements Sometimes - December 29, 2011
Sometimes I like watching advertisements, but procedures from companies who love serving adverts deter me from them! Continue...
Coffee Can Spout - October 29, 2011
Why aren't there spouts on these things yet? It doesn't seem like it would be that much harder to engineer a machine to make cans with spouts as opposed to those without. Continue...
The Pyramid - Selling Health Disparity Away - August 21, 2010
I think the name popped into my head from learning the of the "food pyramid" in middle school.

6 in 1 Solar Kit for $7.98 Shipped - August 01, 2010
This is a FANTASTIC educational kit to see the benefits of solar energy applications first hand. I literally JUST purchased one of these to build with my daughter and perhaps one day my son.

An Exoskeleton House - May 22, 2010
A an eyelash or eyebrow or fell into my eye one time and irritated me for days to weeks. I didn't realize why of course, but when I finally realized, the hair had grown over an inch. I recognized it was an eyelash hair or eyebrow hair because the first centimeter of it or so was hard, but the other 1.5 centimeters was much much softer. Apparently, between the eyelid and eye is a ideal place for some hairs to continue their lifespan :) This led me to realizations though... Continue...
Energy Saving Power Strip - April 25, 2010
If you're like me, you've got a bunch of things hooked up to your PC that are only used when the PC is on. Unfortunately, so long as electronic devices are plugged in, they're almost always drawing a small current. With this USB power supply I'm about to link to, when your PC is off, it will totally switch off power to peripherals. For me that could mean my printer, dual-monitors, computer speakers, external hard drive, and cable modem. Continue...
Know what your money supports - March 17, 2010
In a country where we have control over our leadership and thus general direction as a nation, state, county, all the way to individual, I find it hard to comprehend why we don't have a status quo of knowing the political affiliations of organizations. Continue...

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