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Adobe Piracy Department Sucks: Thoughts
Adobe Piracy Department Sucks

By: David Rader II on July 10, 2010 @ 1:02 PM

Geeze... Another company I have issues with. I am at odds with the world!

I've been trying to find a cheap (legal) copy of Adobe Master Collection or Web Premium CS5 for a few weeks now. I keep coming across PIRATE sites, so I report them to Adobe's piracy@adobe.com...

Though their automated "thanks" is appreciated, I wish they would respond to my little questions in the email, "is this a pirate site?"

But not even letting me (definitely a customer) know if a retailer (potentially their customer) is about to partake in a fair deal? No thank you. I'm done wasting my time helping Adobe's piracy department do their job, since they can't even respond to me verifying the legitimacy of an Adobe Software vendor.

So much for I scratch your back, you scratch mine. Their piracy department relishes in one-sided help.

P.S. The reason I report this type of pirate is because they not only RIP off Adobe, but they rip of EVERYONE. They try to pass off an illegitimate copy of software as legitimate to every unsuspecting web consumer. Although I personally wont use any "free download" illegal software, I don't report that type of pirate because they're doing it for principal, not profit- although I disagree that that principal. I'm not searching for "free download" software though, I'm searching for cheap legal software.

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