Have you ever been working intensely on something, then all of the sudden you see this blurry, but shiny thing on a glimmering string as it glides down your view only inches from your face? Then you lean back and focus, only to see it’s a baby spider, then out of the corner of your eye you see another of these most delicate things you’ve ever seen begin dropping from the ceiling… The silvery single lined threads shimmering and glowing from the ceiling all around….

You could run or swat, but if you breathe first and look all around at this dazzling acrobatic show of light and grace, they are unbearably cute. They blindly drop towards the Earth with nothing but hope and energy. Witnessing this mesmerizing miracle of life, you might forget these are spiders we’re talking about until they start landing all over your shoulders, back and head. At least that’s how it went for me the second time.

Life is so beautiful and yet so scary. Ying and Yang are for real.

True story.

#Survivor #miracleoflife #spiders