Suggestion for Brave & their new search engine, currently in Beta.

Brave is an amazing browser. Based off of Chromium, it features a built-in add blocker and a “Basic Attention Token” (BAT) crypto system to voluntarily pay websites which you visit. Kind of like the honor system. Those website have to sign up to receive their free (or earned) crypto BATs.

They’ve recently developed a search engine. It looks really good, but will need some tuning as does everything. I sent them a little note for improvements and suggestions.

I’ve actually sent Google messages before, trying to help them improve their terrible shopping search. Left ignored, I’m now sending those same suggestions to Brave. I remember sending a suggestion to Comcast Cable many years ago which they ignored, then paid about $500 million for later on. Ugh. I’m trying to make your product better with honest critical feedback, not waste your time or insult you! I like your product! Haha!

Sent to Brave 09/15/21:

You guys could do a better shopping tab than Google. Google’s shopping search SUCKS. Search operators don’t work right in it.

Also, store reviews + product reviews. Amazon is King in large part due to customer reviews. You can make some money from shopping stuff too, e.g. 5cent per item listing, initial $5 store setup review (limited time, $25 later!). Pay for listings with credits (0% fee if $100 of credits upload at a time – stored in BAT). You’ll only beat Amazon’s warehouse and Google’s shopping search if you keep it customer focused, of course.

Search filters examples:
4+ star review
Accepts BATs 🙂
Accepts PayPal
Local Business (Select Range)
Accepts Bitcoin
What other search filters are good?

What other ways can shopping be improved? Customers deserve a fairer shopping marketplace and businesses deserve a place with less monopoly on seller fees. I must heavily stress the importance of Company (Seller) and Product reviews. Brand reviews may be good too.

Brave Browser