Brave Browser Search Feature Suggestion

Suggestion for Brave & their new search engine, currently in Beta.

Sent to Brave 09/15/21:

You guys could do a better shopping tab than Google. Google’s shopping search SUCKS. Search operators don’t work right in it.

Also, store reviews + product reviews. Amazon is King in large part due to customer reviews. You can make some money from shopping stuff too, e.g. 5cent per item listing, initial $5 store setup review (limited time, $25 later!). Pay for listings with credits (0% fee if $100 of credits upload at a time – stored in BAT). You’ll only beat Amazon’s warehouse and Google’s shopping search if you keep it customer focused, of course.

Search filters examples:
4+ star review
Accepts BATs 🙂
Accepts PayPal
Local Business (Select Range)
Accepts Bitcoin
What other search filters are good?

What other ways can shopping be improved? Customers deserve a fairer shopping marketplace and businesses deserve a place with less monopoly on seller fees. I must heavily stress the importance of Company (Seller) and Product reviews. Brand reviews may be good too.

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