I needed a blinking 3d light. I didn’t want to have to change batteries, or worry about turning it off.

Step 0. Design parts on paper

Measurements (Microsoft Paint)

Step 1. Buy affordable small, but effective panels (5v)
Step 2. Design parts in FreeCAD
(Download design parts here, if you wish! Non-commercial use OK)
Step 3. Print parts

Printed parts sitting on top of solar panel

Step 4. Use in Action

The panel is powerful enough to power the LED from the ambient sunlight or the overhead Fluorescent lighting

Below is just Bernie Sanders with his Mittens, sitting on a fingertip.

Bernie Sanders Sitting with Mittens (Popular 2021 Meme)

You can get the model here designed by ChaosCoreTech

You can learn about the Bernie Sanders meme in the first 2 minutes of this video: