I have listed here a list of public school corruption charges, not to admonish the public school system, but to determine the reason for the corruption. It has been separated into two categories explained below:

You will see here, time and time again that graduation rates, passing rates and test scores are more important than education itself. They are so important, that teachers will be sacrificed to attain not higher education, but higher pass-rates. They will sacrifice student safety not for higher education, but for higher graduation rates. Believing money solves everything, they will lie for more money for their school or to enrich themselves at the loss of an education for an entire generation.

FEAR & COMPLIANCE | Former Baltimore City principal says, ‘I have to speak up’
“The principal says the district is not only failing students but targeting anyone who reports problems in the school system.”

Mass Violence in Las Vegas schools ignored by CCSD & Local Government Officials
“You would think that stopping students from being stabbed in school hallways and stopping gunfire from breaking out at high school football games would be an issue that everyone could get behind, but apparently, it’s just the standard operating protocol for CCSD schools.”

Explosive report: City Schools finds grade changing and overreporting of students
“the serious allegations of grade changing and inflating enrollment at Augusta Fells. Those issues were first exposed by Project Baltimore six months ago, and now confirmed by City Schools’ own investigator.”

“Ghost students, as they’re called by educators, are only enrolled on paper so the school can get more funding.”


Baltimore City Schools Principal removed during financial management investigation
“of nearly 600 students, 0 tested proficient in English”

How and why convicted Atlanta teachers cheated on standardized tests
“The refusal of Beverly Hall and her top administrators to accept anything other than satisfying targets created an environment where achieving the desired end result was more important than the students’ education.”

Personal Experience

Why is there corruption? Why is violence allowed to continue?

“The value of standardized test results continues to mount, with state and federal lawmakers utilizing these test scores to give either rewards or punishments to school districts. 

“…statistics may underestimate violent crimes in schools as some administrators worry about adverse media attention, training and policies are insufficient, state laws vary and have little enforcement and there is no federal mandatory K-12 school crime reporting. Further, some teachers may not share their experiences due to feeling embarrassed or fearing threats, job loss, or not being taken seriously.”

It’s pretty hard for teachers to teach when they’re told not to educate, but to “Get high test scores,” “make sure everyone passes,” “ignore the violent students if you can’t get them to stop.”

Teach Upside Down
Teaching is Upside Down