Down With The Hate – Standing Up Against Teaching White Hate in Schools

              After graduating from public school and attending a local college, I believed 100% that the “white male patriarchy” was inherently evil. I thought I had figured out something special from the lesson plans. As it turns out, millions of children have concluded the same thing from the lesson plans all across this country. They’re still figuring it out from the same type of lesson plans. I was nothing special, just a product of my liberal education.

Proud to promote hatred towards white people

              Somewhere along the lines of my children being racially targeted numerous times in Baltimore County, including in violent physical attacks which school administrators ignored – even having the audacity to ask us to ignore them – I realized that teaching children division, guilt and blame heavily focused on the color of skin was in itself a truly hateful act. Why would they teach division?

              I was once one of this new breed of passive aggressive liberal haters who say “it’s impossible to be racist towards a white person.” I know – insane! “Impossible to be racist, depending on race.” Accepting that obviously contradictory exclusion for racism is indicative of three things:

1. The person who believes it is insane
2. They’re brainwashed by authoritative figures, or
3. They’re intentionally professing hatred. They don’t call it hate of course, just like they don’t call racism “racism.”

              I was once a product of number two. But who can blame a young mind for trusting those their own parents entrust with their minds? We have given far too much trust to bureaucrats who make the lesson plans.

              I don’t blame the teachers and have in fact found many teachers sneaking in common sense. Those teachers who do believe leftist ideals such as “it’s impossible to be racist towards a white person” are often victims of my same age group – going through school and college being taught this. Especially going through as much school to obtain a bachelors or more – they were shielded from the real world for so long, they may find it nearly impossible to admit.

              Even if Critical Race Theory is not explicitly taught by name, it doesn’t mean they’re not teaching it. I blame the violence and racism perpetuated against my white children on the education their classmates receive (and their classmates parents, recognizing they are my generation who received the same “evil white male patriarchy” lessons.) I’ll give explicit examples of change that can reverse the institutionalized racism in our schools and society.

1.       Race Based Discipline

              The Obama administrations secretary of education. Thankfully, it was rescinded by Education Secretary DeVos, but much damage was already done and it doesn’t prevent racist policies. It merely means the president of the United States is no longer recommending racist policies for school children.

              Schools can still implement race-based discipline in they want. It’s horrible and blatant institutionalized racism. If you believe rich whites can’t be held accountable due to “affluenza” or believe poor blacks can’t be held accountable due to “poverty,” then you need to send these individuals you’re teaching are unaccountable for their actions to schools for the mentally challenged with the administrators who practice the same unaccountability.

              If you’re of the group of people who believe allowing violence in schools to ensure everyone gets a diploma (which the standards are lowered for), then you should put your money where your mouth is. Put your children in those most violent schools with the greatest discipline problems, or stop trying to put others people’s children in those schools. Stop trying to create schools of violence. Put your children where your mouth is, or stop espousing hate. Lowering the standards for blacks or any other minorities is racism. Blacks, whites and everyone else need higher standards, not lower standards to an achieve an “everyone gets a meaningless trophy” system.

              It’s truly horrid that school systems in an attempt to appear “non-racist” are willing to sacrifice the safety and the very lives of students of every single color. They don’t care of children die, are stabbed, shot or achieve no real education, as long as they get a vote. School systems, by not understanding that effective discipline is an educational tool are producing a society of violence with many other problems. Educational administrators in their feel-good, vote-for-me policies are destroying this country and leaving children vulnerable.

2.       Segregated History Month, also known as Black History Month.

              I’ll quote one of my favorite actors, Morgan Freeman who said “I don’t want a Black History Month. Black history is American history.” I believe it too. I don’t like to throw you under the bus Mr. Morgan, but I think you’re already there with some statements you’ve made in sincere truth – we’re just joining you. My family has been there for years just for being white in a liberal town. When did “love everyone hippy liberals” turn into “everything’s the white man’s fault liberals?” I think to glorify themselves as hero’s or to create a safety buffer for their conceited selves many liberals now will grandstand by sacrificing the safety of those identified with them, even sacrificing the truth itself for their own safety.

              You can’t honestly believe that segregating histories and promoting one racial group separately for an entire month isn’t going to create a superiority complex filled with anger and resentment for “kings and queens.” People move from black neighborhoods due to violence, not due to the color of their skin.

              Do not think for a second I harbor any hate for black people. I love black people and cherish dear friends and family of every race and creed. If you try to shut my argument down with cries for “racism,” it’s because you are racist yourself. I believe everyone deserves to have have safe neighborhoods, safe schools and a high education in the United States. There are a great many who will destroy every high standard in the United States, lying to people for a vote, crying out racism while in fact being the greatest destroyer of black communities.

3.       Pushing that “slaves” built America so hard that people think settlers, freed blacks, Hispanics, white immigrants, Native Americans, Asians, Indians and everyone else had little to do with it

              European immigrants, including children working in coal mines not figuratively with cash crops, but quite literally fueled the country’s industrial revolution with coal. They died fueling this country with black lung – sure they were free, but their employers took care of them worse than slaves. Slaves cost money, dead workers cost nothing. Blacks worked in the mines too. Chinese built railroads. Every race, religion and creed paid the cost of building this country with their very lives.

              They’re so good at teaching guilt in this country I’ve known many people of many backgrounds who “don’t want to bring children into this evil world.” So now that they’ve guilted American’s into intentionally ending their ancestral genetic lines, they’re replacing them with immigrants outside of the law (illegal immigration) and telling them to feel bad for them. They’ve literally convinced Americans to slowly genocide themselves with all of their guilt. The Christian lineage is one which bears the burden’s of sin and wishes above all, not to contribute to the evil. They are the perfect target for deceivers.

The lesson plans that highly promote guilt upon one race above all others is certainly psychological warfare from those who make the lessons. All of our ancestors are guilty of something, spread the accountability out as is the truth, revisiting it every year.

Poor white children being sacrificed to black lung to fuel the United States

There were white indentured servants and East Indian indentured servants too. It’s different, but it’s still relevant. There’s enough focus on black slavery in the United States to create a guilt or inferiority complex for any child, depending on the side of education that affects him or her.

4.       Pushing “Hate White German’s Week,” also known as Holocaust Education Week.

              Why isn’t it genocide education week? Why is there a special week dedicated to elevating the atrocities by German peoples? Why isn’t Mao included? Why isn’t Stalin included? Why aren’t the Bolsheviks who preceded and likely inspired the Germans included? Why isn’t the Haitian revolution included? Why isn’t Rwanda included? Why isn’t the fact that some Native American tribes successfully entirely genocided neighboring tribes? What’s so special about the Germans that their atrocities get more focus than bigger and more “successful” genocidal acts? It was all terrible and if any of it is recognized, all of it should be proportionately or equally recognized. Devote 5 minutes of teaching for every 100,000 lives lost, indiscriminately, unless you truly believe some human lives are worth incredibly more than others, based on race or religion.

              You can’t honestly believe that focusing so much attention on the atrocities of one group of people isn’t going to cause hatred towards that group of people. Holocaust week undoubtedly is “hate white German’s week” and more broadly “hate white people week.” I know that’s not the intent for most good people, but the insanely out of balance focus on this topic has been a government funded and supplied fuel for hatred for many years.

              Do not take this to be an incitation against Jews – I love Jews. Some are friends of mine and another is like a grandfather to my children. We have trusted our children’s life with him and love him very deeply. Being a white Jew, he also has seen the hatred rise up against white children.

              Change it to Atrocities of Man week and cover all the worst things proportionally or evenly. All man is capable of failure, great love, terrible hate, great achievements and horrible atrocities. We must bond together as mankind to rise above our past assumptions, holding each other accountable to the present, giving room for err, forgiveness and rebirth.

This doesn’t even give count to governmental systems, only individuals.

5.       People are racist because inherently evil

              Racism is often brought on because people fear what is different and that is easily defeated. What is not so easily defeated are facts and facts make people racist like the roots of bamboo when those facts are forbidden topics. When poor topics can never be addressed, they will never be solved. They will bubble, they will steam under pressure and they will eventually burst. Anyone suppressing that fact is an architect, planning for that bust.

              People are racist not because they’re inherently evil, but because they recognize trends, patterns and facts. For example; Everyone’s so afraid to mention the very fact that statistically, black people are responsible for higher proportions of violent crimes.

White women are hundreds of times more likely to be raped by a black man than a black woman is to be raped by a white man.
Remember is is highly likely rapes go reported on both sides, however.

              Schools will talk about what whites did 50 years ago or 100 years ago, they’ll talk about arguable current events, but completely ignore anything that blacks have done. Schools creating this intentional imbalance in education naturally creates hatred towards white children. It works. The media will promote hatred towards white people by showing one scared white woman yelling for a random black man to get away from her, simply because she recognized well-known patterns, like the statistic above. Was she wrong to overreact? Yes. Is it evil for the media to depict her as evil when she’s likely just recalling logical pattern recognition? Yes, the media promotes hatred towards white people, including children by offering an imbalance of reporting. The media is a different topic, but they certainly have enormous sway over the easily politicized education system. Supposedly, the media promotes hatred towards white people because it sells for advertising (hate for profit = greed) and nothing else.

              We had a black man get out of jail early from a murder conviction who almost immediately raped an elementary schooler walking to school. If anyone calls anyone racist, sexist or anything else for being suspicious of a man, regardless of color for being around an elementary school, they themselves are responsible for creating an environment conducive to rape.

              What happens when you’re afraid – terrified and even vilified by nearly every “educational” institution on the planet for speaking a truth? The truth is not recognized and no effort can be mobilized to effect positive change. Great people like Dante Barksdale are quickly forgotten, while statues are made of pro-ballers distracting the populace (whose organizations are often subsidized with public funding).

              Not recognizing the violence that plagues black communities is the greatest attack on the black community that has ever been propagated. Cartels and politicians convince their communities into protecting the drug trade and votes, by claiming any effort at safety is racist.

              If you’ve got white gangbangers, white death-dealers of fentanyl in my neighborhood – get them out, however you have to or the people will hold up the law intentionally ignored by politicians. Blacks have had so many legal guns removed, they must rely on police departments who can’t make their neighborhoods safe due to fear of racism. If you’re policing non-compliant violent whites, some are going to get killed. If you’re policing non-compliant violent blacks, some are going to get killed. Statistically speaking, whoever lives in those neighborhoods are being policed will inevitably involve tragedies primarily involving the demographics in that area. It’s common sense.

              The greatest fault I’ve found with my fellow white man is not having hope for others, in spite of statistics. Being anti-racist is not highly logical and statistical. Being anti-racist and giving people a chance is bravery. Judging all for the actions of a few is cowardice. On the other hand, completely ignoring patterns and statistics is insanity, otherwise every person would send their elementary schoolers walking to school by themselves. We must take a balanced and truthful approach to reduce racism. You can combat racism by cautiously keeping patterns in mind, but still giving someone a chance who may be outside of that pattern. Nothing will change a racists mind like the person they have proving them wrong.

              To say all racist people are evil is cowardice in light of the truth. There are legitimate reasons some blacks, some whites and others are racist. It doesn’t mean it’s good – but it’s logical in fear. Choosing to have hope to pull oneself from a paralyzing grip of racism is brave. Choosing, while someone hates you to prove you are not who they’ve been taught to believe is hard work, but it’s worth it. Truly it is as Gandhi said, paraphrasing; “be the change you wish to see in the world.” You cannot convince whites that blacks aren’t violent unless blacks stop being violent. You can’t convince blacks that white’s aren’t racist, unless whites start giving blacks a chance. Both have work to do, but I only ever heard about the evil of whites in school. I never once heard about the violence of blacks. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing amazing black people who would change the mind of nearly any white racist. I’ve known amazing white people who would change the mind of any black racist.

              While I may give room for err in the racism found in many others, black and white, I will not give room for violence, including the racial targeting of my white children from black children. Their parents, the school systems and the media are teaching them to hate. It’s not the kids fault, but it’s not our kids duty to be the physical and psychological punching bag of other racist children. Allowing it to happen is a persons underhanded way of allowing reparations in the form of violence on children it’s sick and sadistic.

6.       Pushing for reparations

              If you want to tell me my children owe your children for acts their ancestors never did – you’re pushing for the financial slavery of my children. You’re pushing for financial bondage of myself to your family. You are pushing to be a slave master. You are pushing against the very thing we all agree was wrong. You are evil and must correct yourself. I will not bow to your evil.

Not every white person was even in this country when slavery existed

              Even for those children who are descendants of slave owners; If you want to hold children accountable for their ancestors, where do you draw the line? Are murderers’ children accountable? Surely, they’re more recently indebted than slave owners. Should heroin dealers’ children be accountable for their parents’ deeds? We are accountable for ourselves, not the past of our ancestors. We are in spirit who we are today for many reasons – in large part how we choose. If we choose to be good, to be kind, to be honest, to recognize past friendships, to recognize long alliances, to have hope in new friendships – that is on us. We are not to be held in bondage to a past we cannot control.

              The only reparations I’m concerned about are in the form of formal apologies from agencies like the FBI and CIA doing experiments on black folks, smuggling drugs into poor communities, destroying families and setting United States citizens up for crimes.

              Some people diminish the fact that Irish were discriminated. The more “victim cards” are handed out, the less power other victim cards have. It’s also harder to blame and create hatred for all whites, while admitting many whites including Irish and Italians were themselves discriminated, hence Columbus Day.

7.       Recognize on the bad, push for the good

              We’re all here because someone fought for us at some point in history. Our ancestors probably fought for us many times, fighting each other, other cultures, fighting nature itself. We’re here because we’re fighters.

              Now, the struggle is within ourselves to be better, to do better. We must look at all our ancestors did and see that they fought so we could move forward. Every parent wants peace for their child. We can achieve this working together – without blaming one another for histories we took no part in.

              If you think I’m a racist hater after all this truth I’ve written here, you’ve got the wrong idea. It is you who are looking for a reason to hate if the truth itself offends you – because you are brainwashed into thinking yours is the only truth or you are a deceiver, born of Satan to drive hate.

              I love mankind in all its glorious colors, abilities, and intelligences with a flag of hope waiving in the face of all atrocities. I love Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhist, Asian, American, African and every other bit of mankind out there. I also recognize and respect their differences. I would wear a skull cap at the Western Wall, remove my shoes in a Japanese home and expect immigrants to our country to learn English so as not to divide the fabric and culture of our country. Though many say we have no culture, they just don’t want to recognize we certainly do. I claim the greatest good deeds by every man and claim the greatest atrocities by every man. I am every man and I am my brother’s keeper and I pray he is mine.

              I’ve written this to publicly solve the problems, not cause more. Recognition of problems are necessary to solving them. For those who do not recognize these problems, they are entirely incapable of solving them. They cannot fix a problem they refuse to see. In fact, they may stand directly in the way of the problem not only to block its repair, but to block the very sight and acknowledgement of it from those who do want to help. Those who cannot have honest discussion and stand in the way of honest discussion are enemies of truth itself.

              If you ignore all this division and hatred being created by educational policies and lessons, you are creating the circumstances in which division, distrust and hatred arise. Your punishing of the white children for the past of ancestors they may have never had is going to create a backlash and it’s going to be horrible for everyone. Politicians against exposing this institutionalized racism against whites are likely engineering the divide and planning gleefully for the backlash they designed. They scream “white supremacy” while intentionally creating policies to have white children physically and psychologically abused. They are creating the very enemy they pretend to have.

              Like I said, how can you have lessons elevating the atrocities of one people for years, but expect hate not to arise from it? The hatred is designed by these educational policy writers. Perhaps first out of fear, but now to retain power. If they’re not doing it intentionally, it’s because they live far off from the problems they create and ignore. They ignore it because their children are safe while they reap “hero status” for creating hate in the rest of the world.

              I wish children didn’t have to learn all of this stuff, but they do. At what age should it start? Probably middle school, but whatever the age it starts – it must start balanced, unless the goal is to create bias and hatred in the hearts of children, which all of humanity should abhor.

              I hate very little in the world, but the necessity to write this is one of those things. I do it not for pleasure, but to expose the truth of hate being thrust onto white children. I even hated myself growing up for being a part of white group, especially being male. I do not want to be the cause for more hate, but instead – I wish to be a truthful source to understand hate and overcome it. You cannot overcome hate with force or you will simply redirect it. You must have truth to create a lasting peace. It must be balanced. Caution must be taken. Young minds are easily unbalanced with one-sided information. Do not give half the story, unless you intend to give the other have. Teach balance and peace, not hate.

White liberals, the only group who on average hate themselves. I used to be in this “healthy” self-hate group.
Special thanks to those who write unbalanced educational curricula.

              You may comment below. All responses may be public (except emails). Any hate-filled message for any group of people will be deleted.