I want it every day.
I grab it every chance.
I can’t get enough of it.
I think about it all the time.
I spend money on it.
I love the smell.
…the feel.
…the sound.
I lose sleep over it!
I have an insatiable addiction for books.
I am addicted to learning.
I am addicted to experimenting.
…to thinking.
…to meditating.
…to working hard.
…to playing hard.
…to relaxing.
..to loving.
Sleep is my best enemy!
I think I am addicted to life and all its beauty. As terrible as the pain is sometimes, the love, the life and the truth is so much greater.
I miss old friends and new friends.
I miss old family and new family.
I remember the ones gone.
I remember the ones still here.
Time, why has thou forsaken me?
I must try my best until I rest
With an open heart
This is a test
With an open hand
May we be blessed
To forgive others
To forgive ourselves
Truth confessed
May we all learn some more to do more good in this world – for ourselves and others!