Update on the Genetic Engineering / Genitically Modified Organism food world!

The FDA approved a GM pig in 2020 for consumption “potentially safe for red meat allergy sufferers.” ¹ Scrutinized pitfalls of GM animals for consumption included in link at bottom of page.

  GMO Meat

Meanwhile, human engineering is a proposed idea that to solve climate change, we can “we can use human engineering to make it the case that we’re intolerant to certain kinds of meat.” ² It’s an extremely scary concept that this type of thing could be used to control the people. Even if used benevolently, Pandora’s box always spreads further than originally intended, especially when caution is disregarded.

The video is not posted, because the guys a bad guy; That assumption is not made here whatsoever. He seems excited, but sincerely concerned. He also suggests an ethics panel at 42 seconds into the video. An ethics panel is necessary before things go to far without one.

¹ https://thecounter.org/fda-approves-first-gm-pig-galsafe-red-meat-allergy/
² https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C1bXeaLuXWk&t=63s