Bad parking job
September 16, 2015

What a terrible parking job!!!

Bad parking job

Actually, there was an accident near my work recently. Thank God no one was hurt, especially the young driver! After everything was over, I realized there was a sign knocked under a nearby sitting truck.

It looks like the truck just ran over that sign and parked on top of it! It says "No stopping any time." That's actually the second time in two years I've seen that signed knocked down. Bad spot on the road, really.

I have a high resolution file available if you want it, just msg.


Materialism Owns you Owns me Package me Unwrap me Throw me way Feed waste Feed destruction Make war Make death Defend war Defend death Repeat Make a gun Make a shield Skip a cure Skip exploration Skip wonder Buy Dream not big Tinker not at all Build not substance Reuse not Destroy Recycle Repeat Buy Buy Buy

Materialism Poem

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What happens when you lose a day of the work week? What's worse, what happens if that day you lose is Monday?

When Monday is Lost

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No one in or involved with the satire space picture I made have endorsed its creation. I would like to think- and hope that they would endorse it though. Call me a dreamer, but I often like to think big and positive.

Satire for World Peace and Space Exploration

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Sometimes When I charge my phone it seems to charge super slow. Sometimes it doesn't. I used a voltmeter to test it.

USB Voltmeter Test Results

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I just made a mobile-friendly single page website to help everyone vote better in the 2016 presidential election. Launched

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There is a reason its law for Ingredients to be listed. It's so we know what we're putting in our bodies. If there's ever some kind of weird animal or plant disease outbreak (which you know there will be), who will have the knowledge of our foods origins?

Country of Origin Labeling Requirements Lifted

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As a web developer, I needed to view cookies for error testing someones website. Basically, I needed to see if they were using sessions or not.

How to view and clear cookies in chrome

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I remembered AVG had been doing a promotion lately regarding helping with other software even if it wasn't their own. I knew my computer hadn't been acting weird nor had I been to any fishy websites, so I didn't suspect a virus.

AVG Fix common PC problems Popup [SOLVED]

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Fixed an issue with "localhost" not being present on WampServer.


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