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Turn The Other Cheek
Posted in Poems | April 08, 2014 @ 12:00 AM

He said
Turn the other cheek
So I turned my other cheek
And I kept turning it
Until my eyes were so bruised
I couldn't see anymore
From there I acted on faith alone
I started swinging

~ This exact situation did not happen, but this is how I've felt on numerous occasions while trying to take the high road. If justified, will righteousness guide my blinded strikes? ~

~ I love Jesus and I don't think he would ever tell me to fight. I've asked God, but he does not speak to me so plainly in a way I always understand or am humble enough to accept. So for now, I must assume that my morals are right that it is never right to fight. My self-doubt, fear and lack of guidance will not let my morals control me entirely though. There is fight in me and sometimes I must let it out. I try to direct it towards something constructive. I grit my teeth. I pray for direction. ~

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AVG Hijacked my Browser and Keeps Changing my Homepage
Posted in Internet Technology | March 29, 2014 @ 5:40 PM

Do you need to strip AVG search from Hijacking your homepage in ALL of your browsers like I did? Well, the Malware provider, AVG actually does have a tool to remove this "feature."

Follow this link to remove the automatic AVG search monster:

Scroll to where it says " Disabling AVG Secure Search after removing the AVG Security Toolbar"

You have to do it separately for each browser and they have downloads for Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome.

I can't believe AVG has gone this far.

There are a few other really good antivirus programs out there. My top recommendations now are:

1. BitDefender (No Nag Screens)
3. Microsoft Security Essentials
3. Avira
4. Avast
5. MalwareBytes (To be used in conjunction with a antivirus program from this list)

I wish these free antivirus places that had sales like MalwareBytes (MBAM) - $20 for a lifetime antivirus on 1 PC. I'd actually pay it, like I do for "MBAM."

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Photoshop Photomanipulations Part 2
Posted in Arts | March 13, 2014 @ 10:54 PM

This is the second set of photomanipulations I made with Photoshop regarding a challenge from my friend to do one photomanipulation a week!

Out In Space
"Out in Space"

"Family Headswap"

Rockin wit da Raisins
"Rockin wit da California Raisins"

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Umbilical Absorption from Bacteria
Posted in Ideas and Inventions | February 27, 2014 @ 11:39 PM

after reading more than one article on belly button bacteria and the great variety therein:

hypothesizing that umbilical absorption occurs from bacteria processes in the belly button.

is there any benefit to hypothesized umbilical absorption bellybutton bacteria?

hairy belly button

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Posting Uncensored Notes
Posted in Site News | February 27, 2014 @ 11:12 PM

  I'm listing a lot of my personal thoughts here soon that I've written anywhere from 2001 to present. I'm just skimming them to make sure they're at least a little interesting, but their content may not or may truly express my views.

I use "Notepad.exe" to write very often and sometimes I get into a philisophy kick, an invention kick, a business idea kick, a writing kick or something else.

I remind you. Some things I write may be serious, others entirely not. Try to find the best meaning as my heart, I hope and strive to keep in the right place.

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