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LogMeIn Phishing Email
Posted in Internet Technology | September 07, 2014 @ 2:27 PM

All LogMeIn users beware. New phishing attempt trying to get people to "Verify LogMeIn account" via email.

Of course, most experienced tech users will have their "Status Bar" turned on - the most important and common method of verifying a links validity prior to click clicking on it. Simply hold your mouse pointer over the link ant it shows you the actual link location at the bottom.

Unless JavaScript is turned on in my email client, this status bar has never been faked. However, on a website while it's not usually faked, it is totally possible with just a little JavaScript. For further link=validating, you can right click the link and review options that will allow you to see the real link.

If you do NOT have your status bar turned on in any email client or web-browser, it's the single most important advice I can give as a tech user. KNOW WHERE YOU'RE GOING.

Search... "How to turn on status bar for [email client]"


Search... "How to turn on status bar for [web browser]"

Usually you can turn the status bar on within just a few clicks and it usually stays on for Good.

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Finding myself
Posted in Thoughts | August 29, 2014 @ 11:28 PM

In trying to find myself, I found where my footing was some time ago. I realized that I was aimless and found goal after goal that left my very being hollow. Without the most righteous goal, how would I stay grounded? So, I have taken on this task to find the most righteous thing to do and realize it must be pitted against something.

I pit my goal against the seemingly impossible, against being for all things including humans at the forefront because I am one and have sympathy for our race. However, strong power can cause a swift demise of even ones own self. For ones self, it is best to have moderate power, but for all, if just and entirely fair, it is best to have more power than the reckless and unfair.

Power for the just is hard work and an honor, while power for the greedy is destructive and shameful. I have found that when unaccompanied by strong beliefs in righteous doings hard work is instead a burden, but when love in the reason for the hard work is present, it becomes an honor and thus pleasurable, while still being hard work.

The more I try earnestly to find myself, the more I find others. Therefor, to do the greatest good for myself, I must do good for others.

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Scary and Powerful
Posted in Thoughts | June 23, 2014 @ 1:23 AM

The idea of being able to totally control myself is scary and powerful... I have an idea!

(Maybe I should be a bit reserved. We'll see.)

Sometimes I just want to stop pretending. It is tiresome and wasteful.

Why can't we be honest about everything in life?

Can we not handle each others honesty if love truly is as at the bottom of our hearts?

I know that I, for one am truly afraid to be honest many times a day. Perhaps because the things I can't be honest about just gnaw away at me as I am forever trying to find the most delicate delivery of honesty.

Then I give up. Then I try something else.

--- END ---

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A Discussion Regarding Indian Racism
Posted in Thoughts | June 12, 2014 @ 9:07 PM

Had a nice discussion on Facebook with an Aleasha Lewis on a friend Joe Buccheri's page. I'm glad she facilitated my venting. She must have an open heart.

It started with a news article honoring Navajo windtalkers from WWII at a football game. It was seen as exploitative and racist by some.

I agree, but disagree. I disagree that it was negative ~ which is what racism implies at this point in humanities culture. (2014-June-12)

Ended with this note...

They're trying to ban the name Atlanta "Braves" too for the same reason, because a "Brave" in that sense is directly associated with American Indians and thus race related and racist. Where do we draw the line with curtailing language to stop racism? With so much focus on individual words, the discussion is lost. No one knows if it's right to call Native Americans - Indians, American Indians or anything else. I grew up with "Indians" but I understand that's confusing with the people from "India." However, I grew up sitting "INDIAN STYLE" In school and now it's RACIST?! The kids comes home from school calling it "Cris Cross Apple Sauce." Screw that yo. Well it "can be interpreted as racist" against both Native Americans AND India Indians, since they sit like that sometimes. Black people are afraid to call me white and white people are afraid to call blacks black or African Americans, no Colored, no something else. I feel like it's demeaning to a black person to call them African American so I don't hurt their feelings. Sometimes I do anyway, because I think they'll be offended if I call them black. People are fighting racism by fighting the acknowledgement of it's existence ~ banning words ~ making politically correct alternatives. That works with some things in life, but why not this? Because race is in every ones face every day, literally. We can't defeat this problem by hiding it. We can only confront it and go beyond it. Limiting the very words which are ingrained in the discussion about race only makes the discussion harder and gives those words more unearned power. No one should be offended by a slur, only feel sad for the user. If a slur can bring us to anger, that word owns us. The ridiculousness of blackface is as ridiculous as paleface. The natural evolution of language is to produce descriptive words with the least number of syllables (e.g. listen to locals of nearly any town, they regularly smash the words together to create less syllables)... Blackface has too many syllables, black will suffice. Paleface has too many syllables, white will suffice. "Native Americans?" Due to the sheer number of syllables, you can tell it is a new word. I find more honor in "redskin" than the politically correct term "Native Americans." But then again, I'm a mut ~ a dog of nations. I can't claim much of anything except being an Earthling. In fact, that's the only race everyone one of us can claim; human. These other "races" are just subsets of our own species. In hating any race, we only hate part of ourselves. If my passion comes off as arrogance, I apologize. I just can't stand negative racism and the world seems to go about it with a swift hammer when we need understanding hearts. Look at MLK Jr., Ghandi & Mother Theresa ~ Acknowledge, discuss, defeat. If we can't have an open discussion like we're doing, then we aren't really seeing each others as equals. I really appreciate this open discussion we've had. Thanks.

~~~ May we focus on being human together and share in our wealth of history. Let us remember our triumphs, shames, and the mundane. They are everyone's. ~~~

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Fear is the enemy of Knowledge
Posted in Poems | May 18, 2014 @ 2:12 AM

Love is friend of fear,
Fear is enemy of spirit,
Spirits weapon is understanding,
Minds fault is misunderstanding,
Understand misunderstanding.

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