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Are we not all #brothers and #sisters?
Posted in Thoughts | October 18, 2014 @ 11:45 PM

Are we not all #brothers and #sisters? Fathers and sons? Mothers and daughters?

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Be Better Tomorrow
Posted in Poems | October 17, 2014 @ 11:41 PM

These tears I waste
No one sees them
I wipe them quickly
I think
What can I change?
How can I change?
Am I able?
Will my gut lead me true?
I cower
I anger
I boil
I hold back steam
I serve warm water
I cool down
Serve the rest cool
Changing little
Not changing enough
At least I'm not giving up
Regrets for not trying harder
Try again tomorrow
Be better
Be smarter
Be stronger
Be gentler
Be honest
Be humble
Don't give up
Upright the flower pot
Pick up the trash
Hold the door
Give some change
Make something

Be better today
Be better tomorrow
Time to live
And keep living
Tomorrow never dies
It needs you alive

Who else will ever witness the world like you do? No one. Your vision is not the only one, but it is unique like a star. Let it shine dim or let it shine bright, but for heavens sake let it shine as long as it might. The night is a little darker for everyone when a star stops shining.

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LogMeIn Phishing Email
Posted in Internet Technology | September 07, 2014 @ 2:27 PM

All LogMeIn users beware. New phishing attempt trying to get people to "Verify LogMeIn account" via email.

Of course, most experienced tech users will have their "Status Bar" turned on - the most important and common method of verifying a links validity prior to click clicking on it. Simply hold your mouse pointer over the link ant it shows you the actual link location at the bottom.

Unless JavaScript is turned on in my email client, this status bar has never been faked. However, on a website while it's not usually faked, it is totally possible with just a little JavaScript. For further link=validating, you can right click the link and review options that will allow you to see the real link.

If you do NOT have your status bar turned on in any email client or web-browser, it's the single most important advice I can give as a tech user. KNOW WHERE YOU'RE GOING.

Search... "How to turn on status bar for [email client]"


Search... "How to turn on status bar for [web browser]"

Usually you can turn the status bar on within just a few clicks and it usually stays on for Good.

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Finding myself
Posted in Thoughts | August 29, 2014 @ 11:28 PM

In trying to find myself, I found where my footing was some time ago. I realized that I was aimless and found goal after goal that left my very being hollow. Without the most righteous goal, how would I stay grounded? So, I have taken on this task to find the most righteous thing to do and realize it must be pitted against something.

I pit my goal against the seemingly impossible, against being for all things including humans at the forefront because I am one and have sympathy for our race. However, strong power can cause a swift demise of even ones own self. For ones self, it is best to have moderate power, but for all, if just and entirely fair, it is best to have more power than the reckless and unfair.

Power for the just is hard work and an honor, while power for the greedy is destructive and shameful. I have found that when unaccompanied by strong beliefs in righteous doings hard work is instead a burden, but when love in the reason for the hard work is present, it becomes an honor and thus pleasurable, while still being hard work.

The more I try earnestly to find myself, the more I find others. Therefor, to do the greatest good for myself, I must do good for others.

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Scary and Powerful
Posted in Thoughts | June 23, 2014 @ 1:23 AM

The idea of being able to totally control myself is scary and powerful... I have an idea!

(Maybe I should be a bit reserved. We'll see.)

Sometimes I just want to stop pretending. It is tiresome and wasteful.

Why can't we be honest about everything in life?

Can we not handle each others honesty if love truly is as at the bottom of our hearts?

I know that I, for one am truly afraid to be honest many times a day. Perhaps because the things I can't be honest about just gnaw away at me as I am forever trying to find the most delicate delivery of honesty.

Then I give up. Then I try something else.

--- END ---

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