Satire for World Peace and Space Exploration
August 13, 2015

No one in or involved with the satire space picture I made have endorsed its creation. I would like to think- and hope that they would endorse it though. Call me a dreamer, but I often like to think big and positive.

The finished photo:
Space Leaders 2015
"Space Leaders" ~ 2015
License: CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

I intentionally made it silly so it would be obvious it was a photoshoped picture and being passed around facebook as a "secret global deal" and end up on (myth busting website)

This project took me many days, most notably because I was trying to find the "most open" license sources. Also, most of those sources require the image be posted with credit, so that was a lot of logging considering the number of photos used in this composite.

And all sources:
Subject Author License License Link Source
Original PhotoNASAPDPublic DomainLink
Xi JinpingAntilongCC BY-SA 3.0LinkLink
Malala YousafzaiClaude TRUONG-NGOCCC BY-SA 3.0LinkLink
Vladimir PutinRussian Presidential PressCC BY 3.0LinkLink
Benjamin Netanyahu
US State DepartmentPDPublic DomainLink
Dilma Rousseff Official PhotographerLinkLink
Portia Simpson Miller
JamaicanMD CC0 1.0LinkLink
Prokopis Pavlopoulos
Greek Ministry of FinancePDPublic DomainLink
Barack ObamaAir Force PhotographerPDPublic DomainLink
Enda KennyPete SouzaPDPublic DomainLink
Sam Kutesa
Foreign and Commonwealth Office
CC BY 2.0LinkLink
PEPSSI SatelliteNASAPDPublic DomainLink

I used Wikipedia to source most of these images, however, I tried to provide the best link to the original authors. To my knowledge, the licenses are as stated. Please do your own research if your are to use them.

Let me know what you think with a comment!


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