Changeable Light Color for Still Photography Setup

Below is a list of items I use similar to my actual setup. See some sample photos following the list! These lights are primarily for still photography, because they’re only 3 Watts and if there’s any movement, these lights might not be bright enough for an appropriate shutter speed.

All in all, you will need 3 Light Stands and 3 RGB LED Lights. RGB are lights with a full color range and it stands for Red Green Blue. Optional add-on items are listed at the bottom.

A small percentage of any purchases made using the links below go to helping me keep up and maintain this website.

Light Stands

3 Light Stands with E26/27 Light Mounts
It seems they’re cheaper to buy with bulbs and white umbrellas (which you can diffuse your light through). I use the umbrellas for portraits.

The included CFL lights are really bright and the diffuses are for some purposes. For our purpose, you will need separate RGB lights. If you’re not interested in changing the colors, this may be all you need!


Full Color Range (RGB) BULBS (*Color changeable) – E27 U.S. Screw Mount.

The above links to “One” light, but you will need 3 for a complete setup.


That’s all you need to get started! I highly recommend some extension cords for more mobility. The cords on these things are pretty short.

See some sample photos below and continue below them for a list of add-on items to change or enhance your system!


Light Splitter (to add more lights, there are also pricier versions with individual switches)

You can use these to increase your lighting power, possible enough to capture some movement with your camera.


Boom Stand – You can position an overhead backlight/toplight with this. It doesn’t have a counterweight, but I find I don’t need one because the light is so light. I just tighten up the bolts.



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