To transfer or “port” my phone number from Walmart’s “StraightTalk” phone plan to Google Fi, I had to provide the following information which Walmart didn’t originally supply me with:

Account Number

The account number is the last 15 digits of your SIM card or “IMEI” number if you can find it in your phone.

If 89014104279111702796
Then 104279111702796

The sim card number may be separated in 2 parts to fit on the card. Just add the top to the bottom part. It may have a model number on it too, so be sure not to add that as it’s not part of the SIM card number. If it consists of any letters, that’s probably part of the model number to be ignored. You may be able to find the IMEI number on your phone and just use the last 15 digits of that, but don’t confuse it with the ICCID number which is also to be ignored.

I also needed a “PIN” number which I had never set up. To find the pin number I followed these steps:


  1. Call straight talk @ 1-800-876-5753
  2. Press 2 to transfer number
  3. Press 0# (about 5 times, cutting off the automated message, continue 0# until transferred to a human rep.)
  4. Tell them you need to know your PIN and they’ll help you get it or make one

I hope that helps! It took me working with a Google rep a few weeks to find out the details needed. You will of course have to follow all of the steps provided by Google to continue your journey, but hopefully this will help you find the information Walmart did not provide you.

*** All information is provided AS-IS and without warranty based on personal experience for your educational privilege. Any attempts to modify your hardware or anything else are at your own risk. ***