Free Speech Silenced Amid Rumors of War

25 Million people just signed up on Russia’s Telegram chat service within the first 24 hours. American’s are looking to Russia, because everyone on Earth now knows Free Speech is hated by American companies and the (MIMZ) Media Induced Mob Zombies.

Apple and Google are about to Ban Telegram now too!

If you ever make an App, by God Almighty, do NOT make a free speech app – it will be the first to be banned in the United States of Communism and the media-led sheeple will cheer it on, until the media convinces them otherwise. They will hate whatever the media convinces them to hate in that moment, even the first amendment.

I used to think the Democratic party was the most antiwar, most free speech, most loving party. It turns out, that’s only if you agree with whatever they’re doing in that moment. (Edit: I wonder if it was like that when I considered myself a democrat, or I was just so self-righteous I couldn’t see anything past my own nose?)

Just a thought – with so many “non-essential” people out of work, who’s going to miss them if they get drafted? Democrats slammed Trump for not getting into a war with Iran – I think they want war and they want no opposition to it.

If it comes, you can thank every person in favor of silencing free speech in the United States for every bomb, death, mother and father stripped from their families. Tens of thousands of deaths, maybe even millions of deaths will be directly on their hands.

Hopefully, this doesn’t happen. Just watch for lawmakers talking about drafts.

I’m sure everyone knows last year media groups were pushing to include women in the draft, right?

“Commission Issues Verdict: Women, Like Men, Should Have To Sign Up For Draft”

Everyone knows companies like Google, Apple, Amazon and other companies who ban Free Speech support NPR financially, right?


“War is Coming”

Just giving everyone a heads up, based on. How old is your son or daughter? They ready to go fight someone? We don’t know who yet, but when you find out, anyone offering vocal dissent may be banned and any platforms allowing it will also be banned.