Media Censorship of COVID-19 Questions Fuels Conspiracy Theories

As long as we do not educate ourselves further than mainstream media, we’ll all be zombies. You’ve heard that Godzilla is the allegorical figure for the Atomic Bomb in Japan? Well, the mainstream-media-only listeners are the allegorical zombies ever-popular in all of our own culture.

See this headline from the New York Post / AP :

TL;DR (Too long, didn’t read):
Facebook is censoring some corona issues like some media, do your reading if any particular group is being demonized to find out why.

I’m not saying I agree or disagree with the event, but denying the people the right to peacefully assemble is certainly a shadowy move.

Rather than politicians debating the claims that the “Coronavirus is a hoax,” they immediately attack the first amendment and Facebook is most joyous to help- apparently. Multiple Fortune 500 companies have gotten top-notch with silencing dissent and censoring people while working with China over the past decade or two.

The question is – are they attacking the first amendment because it’s EASIER or are they doing it to hide the truth? Well, anyone believing the coronavirus is hoax definitely believe the latter.

I do believe the Corona Virus is not a hoax, but I read from both sides and some of the conflated numbers, money going to states on a “per COVID-19 victim case” and the lack of mainstream media covering these issues meaningfully when raised lends legitimacy. There’s also the case of 99% of Italian “COVID19 Deaths” being people with other illnesses. It’s easy to believe it’s exaggerated, but I’m not God, nor do I have infinite time for research so I can’t say with 100% certainty. What I can say is it appears real, but exaggerated.

These paid news companies and companies paying employees to censor (Facebook) need to pay people to lay it out straight with arguments from both sides – that is… Unless they’re afraid they’re wrong, they have a poor argument, or they’re actively just faking the whole thing as some of the most extreme conspiracy theories suggest.

If you wonder “How can anyone believe it’s fake?” It’s because Facebook does not want you to see their views and your news choice preference also does not allow you to learn opinions outside of what they have for you.

It’s easy to understand why someone has questions – or even doesn’t believe it if you hear both sides. If anyone only reads only one view point, it’s easy to totally believe only that one thing.

I constantly wonder, why doesn’t mainstream news offer both viewpoints? Are they trying to get like Chinese mainstream media, where What the state says “THIS” is now reality, regardless of what the truth is. That is not a nanny state, that is a slave state. Nanny’s, like parents take care of people so they can do better than the last, while slave states do not want anyone rising from anything anywhere, unless chosen.

Either way, politicians attacking the first amendments right to peacefully assemble and Facebook “as a platform” also attacking the first amendment, they’re both taking paths which fuel the fire of conspiracy.

When you see a bunch of “crazy people” on the news, know that they’re all reading something else from somewhere else you’re not privy to by Facebook or Mainstream media. It doesn’t mean they’re right or Facebook is right, but projecting these groups of people in a negative light without offering their argument is deceptive and always has an agenda attached to it.


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