Maryland Governor Larry Hogan – Fishy Business

There’s NO public health reason for County School Boards to keep students out of schools. NONE… The SCIENCE is clear.

Something’s fishy with Maryland’s Governor, Larry Hogan.

One day after President Biden’s inauguration, the Republican Governor Larry Hogan states magically that “A growing consensus has emerged, both here in Maryland and across the country, that there is no public health reason for county school boards to keep students out of schools.”

Hogan Reverses Covid Policy 1 Day After Biden Inaurguration
Hogan Reverses Covid Policy 1 Day After Biden Inaurguration

This was also posted.

Just documenting the reality.

On February 11th, 2021 Hogan also posted how numbers have been going down since Biden was elected (even before inaugurated with any real effective power!) Magic is real folks.

Covid-19 Numbers going down

Covid-19 is real magic folks. All it takes is a Democrat being elected and it starts fading away. Simply amazing.

Keep in mind, Governor Larry Hogan developed the statewide nickname “LOCKDOWN LARRY” and he just flipped his scientific views on the virus the second Biden was inaugurated. Pretty cool magic.