Website Revised 2017!

I just remade this site!

It was a heck of a lot easier, because I used a WordPress installation and template.  I upgraded to a new web host also, InMotion. Due to WordPress security issues, comments may be disabled, but you can still subscribe via email and tweet at me. Posts will automatically pop onto Twitter as well, so don’t subscribe via email and Twitter or you will get inundated with posts sometimes.

Sometimes I write in spurts after not posting for a few months, then writing back to back within days. WordPress is going to make this a lot easier on me, so I may be posting like a maniac.

Anywho, thanks for checking this out! Comments will be permanently enabled soon via “disqus” probably since security is pretty good there and they have some sweet features.

This website revision is more classy, hairy, sexy,  stylish and with glowing ears!

Screen shot above ^

Thanks for taking a look!

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