Hello Time Travelers

Tied to the beginning of time and the end. Somewhere, I’m in-between. I’ve seen a glance of what’s behind me and a hardly glint of what’s in front. Searching in all directions to get a grasp of where I am. Does it even matter where I am? Should I just enjoy the view? I think, “when I know where I am and my feet are grounded, I can focus better and steer clearer.” and so far it’s proven to be true. However, I’ve not focused nearly as clearly as I’ve wished nor steered nearly as straight as I’ve longed for. I think it’s because the goals are often changing, though a few primary goals have kept me going in a general good direction. I steer this body, life and soul towards my family, my friends and my neighbors who are the world, but they may not know it.

Star Face / Photoshoped
Star Face / Photoshoped

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