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Bird Nest Pond: Arts
Bird Nest Pond

By: David Rader II on December 18, 2007 @ 8:30 PM

Bird nest, giant hole, atrocity, black hole, masterpiece, beautiful, call it whatever you want to call it, just make sure you consider it art.

The story behind this hole that was in my backyard: I spent quite a few months digging a hole in my backyard to make a natural pond. Every single person I asked for advice on it said it was impossible, even pond experts at an outdoor pond store. I believed it was possible.

I kept digging, eventually it rained and water filled it up, within a few days it drained, so I kept digging. It rained again and it dried again. A few months down the road and I had dug a huge hole. In that period of time, the overshadowing Maple Tree had spread its seeds during a wet week. Many seedlings, baby trees grew from the water in the infant pond. It was beautiful.

The winter came early and killed most of the trees, either that or the seeds dropped late. It also rained and the water froze. I had to stop digging for a good while.

Eventually, the water unfroze. It dried, then the ground became frozen. Digging became hard. It rained and the ground was moist, along that journey I had learned to take advantage of moist ground to shovel, because the dirt was more willing to give way.

I dug more and more. It rained and water filled the hole. It was staying full much longer this time, but still slowly draining or evaporating. As I waited for the water to dry, my wife and I decided to get married. Shortly before we were married we got a note on the front door from the health department "fill hole, because it's holding water." Well, I have proof that it's possible, even if I don't have a picture of it with water in it. I wasn't finished with my pond, but I didn't want to get fined or jailed by the state for not filling the hole.

We filled the hole with much dirt. My wifes uncle owns a dumpdruck and he brought it overflowing with dirt to fill the hole. We spent the day before we went on our honeymoon shoveling dirt and wheel-barreling it into the hole.

Months later it was a patch of dirt that looked like a patch of desert. Many months later it is nearly covered with grass. If you didn't know it was there, you probably wouldn't learn it just by looking at what it now is.

#1 swollenpickles December 19, 2007 @ 1:03 AM
Why did the health department get involved? Kill joys!

#2 Chexed December 19, 2007 @ 9:04 AM
I suppose because mosquitoes breed in water, but they could have just said remove water? Oh no, they said FILL THE HOLE! Maybe the health persons pet when he was a child was sucked into a black hole... And he has something against holes now.

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