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David Rader II Artist: Arts
David Rader II Artist

By: David Rader II on January 02, 2008 @ 10:08 AM

Yes, tis me! I think the observables in this image can keep one looking for a while, and the imaginables is what makes this artistic.

To my left, (or right from your view) you can see a googly eyed orange creature on the wall. That's something I painted a few years ago... I just kept seeing it where the paint faded faded in and out making an eerie face. It reminds me of pointing out shapes in clouds. I painted it so others could see it too, now it guards the house. People seem frightened of it and I don't blame them. Who needs a guard dog? Just a fancy art piece like that one... Back in the old days, were all the rage, now dog things with wings on David Rader's walls are all the rage.

On myself, you can see my wifes awesome striped pants and a dress-shirt, while sporting a natural Caucasian "Afro" hairstyle. My hair does that sometimes.

To the left, although the camera flash made it too bright, you can see a sculpture of a Jesus head, something my uncle created.

My wife painted the bookshelf the Jesus head sits on and I made the dual keyboard sand that sits in front of that out of scrap wood, because I like to .


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