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Beep Beep said the Monster!: Arts
Beep Beep said the Monster!

By: David Rader II on January 16, 2009 @ 12:50 AM

So I was on an adventure yesterday. Ok ok, so everyday is really an adventure. Sometimes bad things happen. Other times, potato bugs get the best of ya.

One of the computers at my work had to be taken apart due to a random restarting issue... Turns out there was seriously a potato bug wedged partly inside a hard drive.

Click in box, Press CTRL+C to copy, then press CTRL+V to paste.

On a mostly unrelated note. I decided to make a potato bug or alien if you prefer, but it looks pretty Earthly to me. A love bug, more specifically. An alien potato love bug as it may be so. While it may look like a monster, I assure you, it's very loving. I made this for my wife to give her a chuckle.

You can also find another version of this file without any text on it on my deviant art page: http://chexed.deviantart.com/.

Tags: bug love monster potato 


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