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6 in 1 Solar Kit for $7.98 Shipped: Ideas and Inventions
6 in 1 Solar Kit for $7.98 Shipped

By: David Rader II on August 01, 2010 @ 11:30 PM

*UPDATE* The dog part sucks! I assumed it would walk, but its tail just spins and makes it vibrate around! LOL! The other projects are still cool, but require a LOT of light. It's a little bit smaller than I imagined, but I didn't imagine it to be very big for the price including shipping either. It actually arrived in a box so totally crushed that it looked like a bag, but the parts were still fine amazingly. For the price? Still 4/5 stars. Just don't expect a cool dog and be ready for a LOT of light (just because the light powers your calculator doesn't mean its enough for a table fan, at least not this one. (I just saved a non-working calculator out of a trashcan for the solar panel :D
This is a FANTASTIC educational kit for future inventors and innovators out there. To see the benefits of solar energy applications first hand, I literally JUST purchased one of these solar kits to build with my daughter- perhaps one day my son.

Normally this puppy goes around $18 bucks, but I'm cheap. That's why I got it for $7.98 on eBay! Now they have it even cheaper! That's right- eBay has got it for $2.99 + $4.99 shipping AND LESS!.

$2.99 purchases are limited to 1 per person. S/he's also selling them at $5.99. Coming direct from Hong Kong, my HK experience says shipping will take 2-3 weeks, though it's not stated on the listing.

Honestly, I really think I would have bought it for the $5.99 too, considering I've been checking these things out for a while at the aforementioned price.

Shipped from Hong Kong, it may take a while, but Christmas is plenty far away.

#1 Rudy August 22, 2010 @ 10:20 AM
Working solar cells are so expensive. Of course, cheap toys like this will not have good ones - maybe from a recycled old/dying cells.

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