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Temptations: Ideas and Inventions

By: David Rader II on July 17, 2008 @ 8:18 AM

Do not believe in temptation and there will be none. Restrict no things as if they had temptation values and you will not ensure the existence of temptations. But instead, give equal value to all other things, and you will naturally not want to overindulge in any one thing, less you miss out on something else equally great. Temptations are only natural things desiring to be free from the bound of words we set them in, making ourselves believe that we "can't" stray from them. Beliefs are so much more powerful. Simply choose not only to think, but also to believe you do not want to give in to a specific temptation. If you have ever had problems with temptation, you will be amazed at yourself when you choose not to give in and continue choosing not to give in, because you will have recognized some potential of your inherent will power. Do remember that you will have to keep choosing not to give in to your vices, but there is a choice you only have to make once, the choice that you will keep choosing not to give in.


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