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AntiFraud - Business Idea: Ideas and Inventions
AntiFraud - Business Idea

By: David Rader II on January 16, 2010 @ 2:53 AM

Almost every major corporation has antispam and antispoof divisions set up. These divisions are where every day regular people, like you and me are supposed to send emails we get asking us for our passwords, or to "login" to verify your account when the link takes you to a Nigerian website.

PayPal has spoof@paypal.com, while others tell you to call them or the FBI.

There should be a catch-all email address provided by a company who could make some money via government security grants or big businesses. That email should be marketed well enough that you don't have to search for the sometimes impossible (literally) antifraud email addresses. I just searched for 1st Mariner's antifraud email address to no avail. Although I "could" give them a warning so they can get a website shut down, I will not, because they have no well-accessible antifraud email address. I need to sleep at 3am, actually.

For an extra fee, instead of just forwarding these emails to the appropriate businesses- this company could take the road and get fraudulent websites shutdown- so people like PayPal don't need an entire department of "spoof@paypal.com" (though they seem pretty good, just using them as an example).

If just one or a few major companies were handling these problems thousands of companies have, they can most efficiently derail fraud and be cost-effective for stamping fraud-losses within these other companies.

Well, there's a free business idea for anyone willing to take the challenge of antispoof and antifraud or web savvy enough to make it look easy.

It'll take some coordination of the big guys, might want to offer it for free for a few months or a year so they can do their metrics? Not necessarily though depending on service package.


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