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Made of The Same Stuff: Ideas and Inventions
Made of The Same Stuff

By: David Rader II on September 27, 2013 @ 12:01 AM

We're all made of the same stuff you know. If you dissect white light through a prism? Rainbow. If you mix all the colors in another way? Black. This is called additive and subtractive color.


It's not all black and white, you see?

Racism will not end through ignorance, in fact, it will never end. What will happen though is it wont be as useful a tool to discern circumstances. This comes from two things, blending more and seeing more.

You can't rightfully get mad at someone for believing a stereotype if it's "generally" true. Nearly all stereotypes are general and some are true. If you really want them to stop believing that stereotype, you must be in the stereotyped group and act opposite of the stereotype to change it. People believe stereotypes even more when fear is involved to a greater degree, to destroy that stereotype, prove that beyond your stereotyped being which we are all, you are peace.


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