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MySpace Phishing Problem: Ideas and Inventions
MySpace Phishing Problem

By: David Rader II on August 17, 2007 @ 9:04 AM

In case someone else has had the problem of MySpace telling them their account has been phished when it hasn't, this message I sent to myspace is being posted here, so others know the myspace error handling team already is aware of the issue.

"Regarding an error in your method of handling phishing. My account was NOT phished, all I did was respond to a family members phished account, leaving the phishers message in tact so I could show a family member, and MYSPACE locked my account [immediately after responding].

It appears myspace learns about messages phishers send, then mark any email with that content in there as SPAM.

Please correct the error of responding to phished messages. People who respond to phished messaged are not necessarily fished themselves. You will likely be having thousands and thousands of people changing their passwords, being blocked out, getting frustrated with myspace for something that's not true.

You can correct this issue by developing a system to see where the phishing content originated from."

Note, I added the links to phishing and what was in the brackets after sending the message to myspace


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