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MySpace Social Network Improvement Suggestion: Ideas and Inventions
MySpace Social Network Improvement Suggestion

By: David Rader II on August 04, 2007 @ 11:45 PM

People should be able to comment on Albums.

I've noticed that not just I, but a lot of people have been getting much less picture comments lately. The major reason I attribute this to is the fact that people have SO many pictures now (I believe a maximum of 400). One recent change to MySpace's picture section has been the addition of "albums" to categorize pictures.

Now that people can organize photos of a certain nature (which present certain feelings to visitors), visitors get feelings from the entire albums of pictures, not just the individual pictures. So why shouldn't people be able to comment on albums as well?

Speaking of social networking, feel free to add me on MySpace or Facebook.

I'm sure MySpace.com isn't the only one who may be able to take advantage of this suggestion. There are a lot of other photo hosting places and social network communities out there.

This article's caption is: "A suggestion for improvement on the MySpace website to better enable communication and shared thoughts among individuals."


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