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Programmable Wireless Pressure Sensitive Pen Tablet: Ideas and Inventions
Programmable Wireless Pressure Sensitive Pen Tablet

By: David Rader II on September 29, 2007 @ 4:46 AM

this is an idea for a pen tablet like device without any cords and without any actual tablet. be prepared- punctuation and grammar not included in this article.

i think all u'd need is a plastic tip
a weight measuring device on the inside (like a digital scale) that presses up against the plastic tip and perhaps ones on the side of the inner part of the plastic tip to both measure sensitivity and angle
and a button or two on the pen
oh yeah, you'd prob want the pen wireless...
maybe with a docking station for EZ recharge, which also served as the wireless receiver
maybe want the battery towards the middle bottom of the pen so it wouldn't misbalance the pen
there should possibly be buttons for controlling dots per inch (DPI)
buttons should also be programmable

i suppose by the time i figured out what was necessary for this, it was more than i thought it would be! the list kept growing...

i think this would be great for graphic artists and there's probably many more uses for it too. right now graphic artists are often limited to the tab... with this pen that limit would be must less and the cost of production (once the technology was put together, would likely be less because it uses less material) - to really save money, or make a low cost version, there could be a wired version that connected through usb. - of course, the pens transmitters would only transmit data, the receiver (computer software and or firmware on the wireless receiver) would turn it into usable data.

P0 = pr5
P1 = pr8
P2 = pr2

thats what the pen would send for example

the receiver would take that to mean:

Primary panel, 0 is sending pressure scale of 5
Side panel 1 is sending 8 pressure
so on and so forth

All other panels default to 0 as pressure if pressure is lacking...

There should also be a "TARE" option to set the pen to "pressureless" setting to ensure longevity of the pen accuracy.

Who wants to build it?


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