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Sony Playstation 3 with Linux Starcraft Gaming: Ideas and Inventions
Sony Playstation 3 with Linux Starcraft Gaming

By: David Rader II on October 18, 2007 @ 8:07 PM

Sony's Playstation 3 game console (PS3) has been lacking the sales necessary to keep up the numbers with Microsoft's XBOX 360 and Nintendo Wii's game consoles. Let's do something about that.

According to a well referenced Playstation 3 Linux section on Wikipedia, the PS3 has official support from Linux, but it's rather confusing to actually get it started. That's not going to make it very easy to install Starcraft 2 on PS3. That's not including the fact that currently, Blizzard entertainment, creators of the Starcraft games hasn't announced Linux support yet.

Help get Starcraft 2 Linux (and retroactively Playstation 3) by signing this petition here.

There is a lot of clarity needed for installing (especially for free) Linux on the Sony Playstation 3.

Getting Sony and Blizzard to more heavily support Linux is a win win situation for both of them.

Benefits for Sony supporting Linux
- Even more robust library of playable games that other systems don't offer
- More functionality out of the system (a PC and a gaming BEAST in one!)
- Video games Sony makes for the computer can also be geared towards their console!

Benefits for Blizzard supporting Linux
- Starcraft 2 will have not only the audience of Windows players, but also of Linux PC users
- Blizzard will accomplish something most PC game developers haven't been able to accomplish, establishing a widely untapped Console audience for PC games
- Higher user satisfaction

Sign the petition above to encourage Blizzard to support Linux and shoot them an email with a link to this to have talks with Sony if that's what you want too. Please also contact Sony if that's how you want to help spread the message.

The Higher Ground
With the coming release of Starcraft 2, now is the perfect time for Blizzard and Sony to have some talks to weed out the primary problem with Linux - Limitless versions. Deciding what will be their primary Linux version will not only ensure success for their partnership, but also set a long awaited standard for a stable free operating system.

People will be more happy with both the Blizzard and Sony products.

Share this image to help this happen!

Additional Links:
Official Sony PS3 site
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