Home-care Workers Being Left Out of Stimulus

Home Care Workers Are the Mothers Lawmakers Ignore


I agree home-care persons need to be better taken care of. Trump and the hundreds of law writers were wrong in trying to exclude home-care workers.

I don’t really know why it matters what color home-care workers are, but since you brought it up I was curious and looked it up. Maybe in some areas they are primarily people of color, but generally not.

https://www.statista.com/statistics/720230/home-care-workers-united-states-by-ethnicity/ – 2017

https://phinational.org/wp-content/uploads/legacy/phi-home-care-workers-key-facts.pdf – 2014

I worked at an assisted living home for a while. Learned a lot there. Most of the employees were immigrants from African countries, so I thought what you said would be right, but maybe our perceptions in our locales are not true across the country. I also do a little work in the medical field which would support your claim, but the details are confidential.

Either way from that interesting note, I’m supporting 100% that home-care workers need to be take care of too. It’s like you said – they’re forced to work sick or not get paid, meanwhile they’re on the front lines of everything – taking care of people so they don’t get sick… This whole thing is really making some hospitals a lot of money.

I understand the “Obamacare” was also written with hospitals and insurance companies in mind first and foremost. Understandably, they need sustainability, but transparency there and with the Trump administration is important.

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