Installing Netbeans on Windows 10

Netbeans is a wonderful Integrated Developer Environment (IDE) which I use primarily for PHP development.

This is how I installed Netbeans in Windows 10. It actually took a lot of trial and error to narrow it down to these two steps.

  1. Install (Java) OpenJDK via “AdoptOpenJDK”
    See Fig 1
  2. Install Netbeans version 11 (14 DID NOT WORK WITH NETBEANS)
    Change to install all features
Fig 1 (All options installed)

When I originally tried to install Netbeans I received the error during installation:

An unexpected exception happened in the thread main
java/util/jar/Pack200 netbeans

I removed Open JDK 14 and installed “Adopt Open JDK 11 (LTS)”

Thank you, “AdoptOpenJDK” for the “msi” executable JDK file!