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Be Kind - Rewind Your NES Games: Funny Funnies
Be Kind - Rewind Your NES Games

By: David Rader II on March 01, 2010 @ 10:06 PM

With the emergence of new technology, clouds of confusion abruptly follow.

When looking at the back of one of my Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) games, I noticed what appears to be a Blockbuster Video store "Be Kind Please Rewind" sticker. That sticker was almost a hallmark for blockbuster when I was growing up, because we used to use VHS tapes and if you didn't rewind them before sending them back to the video store you borrowed (rented) them from, the next person may have to rewind a movie for 10 minutes while their popcorn gets cold and their first in-home couch date slowly withers to the sound of a VHS tape rewinding *weeooweeeeeeeeeeweeeeeweeeeeeeeeoooo*

Be Kind Please Rewind on a NES Game Cartridge

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Know that you are fortunate. Know that you may never have to be subject to another VHS rewinding. Now the motto can be "be kind don't scratch the dvd."

The ironic thing about this whole debacle though, is NES games needn't be rewound. When Nintendo games first game out, companies apparently paid for stickers and employees to put those stickers on games that couldn't be rewound anyway.

What's the difference? LCD or Plasma TVs? Blackberries or iPhones? A presidential candidate claims to have invented the internet. Sometimes the clouds of confusion clear quickly, sometimes they linger for years.


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