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New Laptop VS Car Tires: Funny Funnies
New Laptop VS Car Tires

By: David Rader II on November 10, 2010 @ 11:04 PM

--New Update July 22, 2011--

I've felt since I first wrote this post that I needed to clarify my choice of words. Where I mentioned "If I were just a slightly weaker person, I'd keep the mindset that "that's what I get for looking out for someone else," I should have elaborated that I have been guilty of being that person and have been trying to stamp that out. I still have that thought cross my mind sometimes, but I think I've been so far successful for the most part keeping it at bay.

--End of Update--

Although I've posted this in the "funnies" section on my website, I assure you- at the time, it was not funny (for me).

As I was leaving work, I went to throw away a piece of broken glass, but I thought the trashmen might get cut on it... So, I figured I'd wrap it up in a piece of cardboard. I could only find a huge piece of cardboard, but then my hands were full, so I set my laptop down against my car (in a black bag).

With the night coming close in the winter, I failed to see my laptop laying there when I got in the car. As I drove off, I drove over a speedbump I never realized in the middle of the parking space before. It was not a speed bump. It is- was my laptop.

My laptop of only 2 months off the shelf is now broken. If I were just a slightly weaker person, I'd keep the mindset that "that's what I get for looking out for someone else." Instead, I will see this as an opportunity to figure out how to fix this laptop screen.

I broke an LCD screen on a digital camera at work about a year ago... It was easy enough to replace... Laptop screens seem much more tricky though. I have been challenged by the technology Gods. If they defeat me, then I may go back to the pity party line of thought, which I hate to even consider. If I win and learn how to fix this laptop, THEN BROKEN LAPTOPS BEWARE, MY LCD SCREENS WILL BE EVERYWHERE!!!!!!

Despite trying to keep a positive attitude, I cede "this sucks." I bought the laptop for work and I can't replace it- HOPEFULLY I can replace the LCD screen cheap and HOPEFULLY that's the only problem.

I've decided I don't like driving over laptops and I don't want to do it anymore.

#1 Dawn November 11, 2010 @ 5:16 PM
you're such a good person! always looking out for others! and so optomistic! trust me when i say you are truely a rare breed! and that is exactly why i love you so much!!!!!

#2 David R. November 13, 2010 @ 12:32 PM
Thanks love... :D ♥ I love you to!

It looks like the replacement part is going to cost $130 incl. shipping from another company.. Gateway wont sell the part separately and would charge $199 to fix it plus shipping. They actually make the part which tells me they could probably sell it to me for less than this other company, which also tells me they're probably charging around $100 for labor. Oh well to Gateway.

Anyhow, I'm saving $70+ bucks by not going with Gateway! That's for the LCD screen, hopefully that's the only prob! :D

#3 Leonardo Dwayne Richards November 16, 2010 @ 11:40 AM
damn...this dude is extreem and heartless..
id kill myself with the pieces of glass...THE HIGHTER UR HANDS GO WHILE UR DANSING THE GAYER U R...

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