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Holy CRAP!!! Batman 5 is coming out!!! Rated R: Funny Funnies
Holy CRAP!!! Batman 5 is coming out!!! Rated R

By: David Rader II on August 07, 2008 @ 11:44 AM

OMG, BATMAN 6 is here! AND BATMAN 5 TOO!!!!! Who would have believed they would release it so soon?! And for free download too!

Apparently Bruce Wayne is playing the new role, Christian Bale isn't doing it any more. The Joker has come back from his death, apparently it was faked by the mob, who had hired Christian Bale as a hitman, because he's a Jewish Muslim and thought it would look right, since the mob boss is Candy.

After the Joker comes back from his death, he starts a prostitution ring, with himself as the lead prostitute. He gets a fancy boob job, tripple xxx, which leads me to the next part of the new story; Joseph A Christ, pronounced "Jose China" is taking part in the olympics as the Joker. He's actually a terrorist who has sex with the olympians who have been designated by the extremely powerful Tibetan mob to give "blowies" to the male athletes and "lickies" to the females. It's quite gruesome.

In theory, this will break the athletes concentration, not being able to keep their minds from the memories of the terrorists blowies and lickies from the night before. They wont be able to concentrate. They'll fall from great heights and land different than a cat... NOT ON THEIR FEET

Who knows what will happen after that? It's speculated by Bruce Wayne (the new Batman) thinks that Joker will be black, but batmans racist and doesn't realize the particular mob involved here only hires mixed people, because they don't like black people and don't like white, so they'll go 50/50.

This is a parody joke


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