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Four Major Changes: Site News
Four Major Changes

By: David Rader II on January 03, 2008 @ 7:53 AM

Four Major Changes happened here. One for better design, two for making a few more million dollars online, and three for more blog exposure (marketing), so I get a couple quadrillion more welcome guests each day.

1. Better Design
Now Chexed.com makes better use of window space for higher resolution monitors, something I said I would do. Now you can probably see more of Chexed.com! Now pick up your hammer and saw! I've also changed most of the articles pages (the top portion) so navigating the Chexed will be easier!! Hottness!!!

2. Make Money
I just signed up for AdBrite and already it's doing well. I'm already successful with Google AdSense. Currently, for making money online, I recommend AdSense and AdBrite. If there's ever any change, which there probably wont be unless they try to rip me off, I'll let you know here... And my boys Franky and his crew will let them know... By means of intelligent conversation, of course.

3. Blog Exposure (marketing)
The more, the merrier. Many people come to Chexed.com already, but a few Earthlings as shocking as it sounds, still haven't been to Chexed.com. Entrecard is one way that's been working good for me so far to connect with other bloggers. Now, thanks to Entrecard and the users of it, more lucky souls will have a chance to come to Chexed.com.

You see, the link on the left takes you to my page, the link on the right takes you to someones page that's advertising for free on my site, and in exchange I get points, or "Entrecard Credits" so that I may advertise on someone else's site for free too.

So you know... This is not a money making blog, my friend Swollen Pickles is already quite successful with that, head over there to learn some tips. This blog is a peace promotion tool, where I can provided humor, art, education, and entertainment, with good intentions, but I don't mind making a ton of cash along the way, because I can buy things, like machine guns guns to enforce peace. C'mon, can you think of a better way to enforce peace?


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