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A Few Reshapings: Site News
A Few Reshapings

By: David Rader II on January 21, 2010 @ 10:30 PM

I've restarted 3 blogs I had planned to join into this one and did so attempt, unsuccessfully. I've also started a new website for web designers and bloggers too.

Each blog has its own personality, so to speak. I do wish to try to integrate them further. As much as my blogs are a part of the web, they are a part of me. Perhaps pulling my blog back together will pull together a bit of me.

The blogs reactivated blogs are:
Computer Games and Web Design
Chexed the Cool Sites out
That Which Is Written

The new website is http://wdcafe.com/: It will help web designers, bloggers and many more people who spend time on computers with their image and information distributing needs. We will find free tools for web design, image editing (graphic design), web design, blogging and more! If you have any suggestions of software or services to be added to the "Web Design Cafe", please to let me know.

I was so excited to write this I held myself from the latrine to write it.


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