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New Mobile site and archive!!!: Site News
New Mobile site and archive!!!

By: David Rader II on July 27, 2008 @ 6:12 AM

I'm pretty excited to announce that I've completed two major projects regarding this site. First is the Archives and second is the MOBILE VERSION OF CHEXED.COM! There, you've now witnessed my excitement in full frontal capital letters.

The archives are chronically ordered (by date) so you can find articles by time period if you want.

The CHEXED MOBILE BLOG should be readable by just about every web-capable cell phone like the iphone or other handheld. You will find videos, audio, images and other multimedia content to fill your phones with, and of course content for reading, keeping your mind stimulated. If I were a superhero, maybe my name would be "the stimulator!"

Check this out on your mobile and tell me what you like or dislike please :) For now you'll have to comment from one of the main pages... Depending on how things go I may add the feature for commenting on the mobile side of things too. Rome wasn't built in a day and they had an entire army building things! So what are you waiting for? Get mobilized and experience your new favorite website on your cell phone!


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