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Bushwacker's Essential Items! 2: Video Clips Free
Bushwacker's Essential Items! 2

By: David Rader II on November 10, 2007 @ 4:24 PM

TJ Bushwackers rants on the global Alien conspiracy. This time he tells us about things we can use to protect ourselves.

Essential Items

Now you know what to protect yourself with from aliens and "them." Please ensure the safety of yourself and your family, don't take any chances. Use the foil, watch for "flies" and other "bugs" and by all means, keep your eyes on the government. It might be best if you keep your mouth shut about this though, so the governator (an alien) doesn't pounce on you and your family with photo-electric-nucleic lasers. It happens so beware.

Director: Greedy Fly Films
Acting: David Rader II
Most awesome brain protecting helmet designer: Dawn Rader


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