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Mister Fred Rogers PBS: Video Clips Free
Mister Fred Rogers PBS

By: David Rader II on August 19, 2008 @ 2:02 PM

When I was little I used to watched Mister Rodgers on PBS and I enjoyed it. Now that I've got a little one of my own, I'm watching Mr. Rogers all over again! I can't say that I'm as entertained as before, but it's easy to feel relaxed watching it with my kid.

What took me by surprise was Mr. Fred Rogers speaking outside of PBS, albeit for PBS though. Even being a 6 minute video from 1969, it still moved me. Not only was I impressed, but inspired.

Find free Mr. Rodgers videos in your neighborhood using the PBS TV Times finder.

If you live outside of the country or would like to have the videos to play when its convenient for you, you can find them pretty cheap on eBay and Amazon!

Another great speech from an actor (albiet likely well rehearsed) that this reminds me of is the Al Pacino speech from Scent of a Woman. Al Pacino plays a blind military man of high ranking who while of high dignity, was way down on life due to his blindness. After helping the blind man for only a short while, the young helping man steps between Al Pacino and a gun he was going to use to kill himself, risking his own life for someone he had just met.

Later as you may have watched already in the video above, Pacino has a chance to pay this young man back for saving his life. He was witness to a prank joke on a "better than thou" school official who offered a bribe for the young man to be a witness. The young man refused the bribe to turn his friends alhough he had also just befriended them recently. Judging from the implied moral character of the young man, assumingly he doesn't turn his friends in for the prank because it was something so trivial, yet could still ruin the rest of their lives.

There were great speeches from other very influential peoples lives as well. Two of these great American speeches are from Martin Luther King Jr. and President John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

Martin Luther King Jr. I have a dream speech

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JFK Inaugural Address

- Part 1 -

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- Part 2 -

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