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Would You Trust a Chaplain: Video Clips Free
Would You Trust a Chaplain

By: David Rader II on June 18, 2008 @ 8:20 PM

If what this guy says is true and from every bit of research I did, it seems to be, then THIS should be the primary issue with this coming election. Exposing the lie and developing a strong and most importantly, viable plan for economic stability, not only for ourselves, but for the continuance of mankind throughout the world. We're in a world economy, but we don't need world government, what we do need is world peace and that will only come with world appreciation, humility, and mutual respect.

The google video wont embed here, so here's the link!

I know my rant wasn't really necessary here, but I felt it was related... As with many Americans, I feel there should be a legal revolution here and I think this video is one of those things that will help bring many of us to the realization that we do need to do something, that our government has corrupt people working within it who have made our government partially corrupt (that's what corrupt people do, they corrupt things), so we need to fix it- legally. It's not broken, it's scratched, so let's reinforce it, make it bigger, better, friendlier to everyone. There's my two cents, I hope it's good sense.

The man in this video is a Christian Baptist who has talked about plentiful oil unseen to the American people. His name is Lindsey Williams.


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