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Praying Mantis Eating Bumble Bee: Video Clips Free
Praying Mantis Eating Bumble Bee

By: David Rader II on August 14, 2007 @ 3:50 PM

While walking through our back yard, in Maryland, I thought I saw a bumble bee. I bent over and it was not a bee but a Praying Mantis, eating a bumble bee and it was already half way through!

The mantid hangs completely upside down while eating this bee. In the video you'll see it chewing, looking straight at the camera, and you'll see one of the bee's friends who seems notice the Praying Mantis and not come near, but it will give you an idea of exactly how the first bumble bee got caught.

The mantis, upside down, hangs right next to a flower in the early morning. As insects go to gather pollen from the flower, SNATCH. The praying mantis would strike with speed too fast for most other insects to react. The mantid would then be eating fine dining.


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