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Vine Of Knowledge Makes Me Think of Molars VS Pliers: Video Clips Free
Vine Of Knowledge Makes Me Think of Molars VS Pliers

By: David Rader II on October 01, 2007 @ 5:54 AM

Vine of Knowledge makes me smarter, sip by sip. Thinking about pulling out my wisdom teeth (molars) with pliers too.

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I don't think I would actually pull my wisdom teeth out with pliers... I might ask a dentist how unsafe he think it would be first... But then again, some of my baby teeth were befriended by pliers too. How bad do you think it would hurt to rip a quadruplet of molars out? Probably a good bit, but I personally think it would feel good in a way too, kind of like pulling out a splinter or a bee sting (how it hurts, but feels good)...

Don't pull your wisdom teeth or molars out people, ask your dentist if you're having problems. Better yet, buy an e-book online or the do-it-yourself-molar removal kit off eBay pre-used so it's nice and cheap JUST KIDDING! SPEAK TO YOUR DENTIST IF YOU'RE SERIOUSLY HAVING PROBLEMS WITH YOUR TEETH, IF YOU CAN'T AFFORD IT, SORRY, IT'S ILLEGAL FOR ME TO GIVE REAL MEDICAL ADVICE SINCE I'M NOT LICENSED SO IT'S ILLEGAL TO HELP. Except, I can be a good Samaritan and say do a lot of research online to see if there's another way to be helped and maybe alleviate some pain... I just felt pain in my tooth.


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