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Internet Technology ( Results)

Stop Windows 10 Update Annoying Popups - February 10, 2016
In case any of you are like me and hate the Windows 10 nag screens, I just wanted to share a bit of software I came across recently.

USB Voltmeter Test Results - August 11, 2015
Sometimes When I charge my phone it seems to charge super slow. Sometimes it doesn't. I used a voltmeter to test it.

How to view and clear cookies in chrome - June 28, 2015
As a web developer, I needed to view cookies for error testing someones website. Basically, I needed to see if they were using sessions or not. Continue...
AVG Fix common PC problems Popup [SOLVED] - June 28, 2015
I remembered AVG had been doing a promotion lately regarding helping with other software even if it wasn't their own. I knew my computer hadn't been acting weird nor had I been to any fishy websites, so I didn't suspect a virus. Continue...
Wampserver - June 25, 2015
Fixed an issue with "localhost" not being present on WampServer. Continue...
RSS 2.0 With Images Example - June 14, 2015
I worked on a tiny bit of code for THREE hours, because there's little documentation on it. However, XML RSS 2.0 is still relevant. Here's a working example of RSS 2.0

Quick Dots for your Docs (Bullets) - June 07, 2015
Ever need a bullet for your document? Continue...
Windows DVD Maker - Error synchronizing project [SOLVED] - December 20, 2014
Error synchronizing project. The temporary directory is not accessible. Continue...
LogMeIn Phishing Email - September 07, 2014
All LogMeIn users beware. New phishing attempt trying to get people to Verify LogMeIn account via email.

AVG Hijacked my Browser and Keeps Changing my Homepage - March 29, 2014
Do you need to strip AVG search from Hijacking your homepage in ALL of your browsers like I did? Well, the Malware provider, AVG actually does have a tool to remove this "feature." Continue...

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