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AVG Fix common PC problems Popup [SOLVED]: Internet Technology
AVG Fix common PC problems Popup [SOLVED]

By: David Rader II on June 28, 2015 @ 11:37 AM

This morning I turned on my computer and had a pop-up message which read:

Fix common PC problems
Reduce problems with your printer, scanner, sound or network connection.

See the image below:
Popup window

I remembered AVG had been doing a promotion lately regarding helping with other software even if it wasn't their own. I knew my computer hadn't been acting weird nor had I been to any fishy websites, so I didn't suspect a virus.

I did "CTRL+Alt+Delete" and went to the "Applications" tab, where AVG normally is not located unless it's running a process that shows up on the screen.

Sure enough, it was there. Also with it was a browser window with the name "Fix common PC problems."

Here's what I did:
  1. Pressing CTRL+Alt+Delete

  2. Clicked the Applications Tab

  3. Click AVG

  4. Click "End Process."
    (It ends and takes the browser window with it)

This is why I don't recommend AVG to friends and family any more. They have too many pop-ups trying to sell things. I recommend either BitDefender, Avira or Avast.

I don't mind the manual updating and that would be a great place for offers. Not pop-up's that you can't close out like this one or ones that over lay all of your other windows. They're minor annoyances, but they occur far too regular.


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