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How To: Step By Step Instructions to Return an Item Not As Described on eBay: Internet Technology
How To: Step By Step Instructions to Return an Item Not As Described on eBay

By: David Rader II on December 31, 2013 @ 2:28 AM

Many times over the years I've had to return items on eBay for one reason or another. The process is NOT straight forward. Unfortunately, the sellers cannot issue you a simple link to return the item, you must use eBay's riggamarooed return process.

You may want to print this out. Please feel free to copy/paste these instructions to anyone who needs help returning an item.

Please follow these instructions to return the item:

1. Go to "My eBay" at the top of the eBay website
2. Click "Purchase History"
3. Find the item in the list
4. Click the "More actions" drop down list
5. Click "Resolve a problem" (not return item, as this usually just says to contact the seller)
6. Click "I received an item that wasn't as described"
You may find a better option that works
7. Click "Report that you received an item that wasn't as described"
8. Click "Open Case"

The rest is for you to fill out. It's ALWAYS a good idea to let the seller know what's going on before you open your case. Please remember most of these sellers are human and make mistakes when appearing on Earth in human form.

The Snap Shot below is of just the first two steps which visually have changed very little over the years. The proceeding steps seem to frequently change visually and the text may read a bit differently, so I don't want to be more confusing with quickly outdated visual aides.

System Return an Item Steps

Good luck and may God bless the world!

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