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How to view and clear cookies in chrome: Internet Technology
How to view and clear cookies in chrome

By: David Rader II on June 28, 2015 @ 1:02 PM

As a web developer, I needed to view cookies for error testing someones website. Basically, I needed to see if they were using sessions or not.

Maybe you just want to delete your private browser data though.

How to view and clear cookies in chrome:

  1. Click the Menu (Previously, Wrench) button at top right of browser
  2. Click "Settings"
  3. Click "Show advanced settings" at bottom of page
  4. To VIEW Click Content Settings
  5. Click All cookies and site data
  6. To CLEAR, click "Clear Browsing Data"

Currently, my version of Chrome is 43.x and this works. Works in many previous versions as well.


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