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Wampserver : Internet Technology

By: David Rader II on June 25, 2015 @ 10:04 PM

When I added any project to the WWW folder located in the WampServer folder on my C:/ drive, it would add to the LocalHost screen. However, the "LocalHost" was not at the beginning of any of my projects, making them unusable links. A minor irritant I had to get rid of.

No LocalHost

I inspected the "index.php" code located in the WWW directory. I found something that seemed related, though I couldn't read the surrounding language (English only for me, sadly).

Local Host Missing

[[[ FIX ]]]

I deciced to change the:
"$suppress_localhost = true;" to
"$suppress_localhost = false;"

That worked.

suppress_localhost false

Now my links are usable.

A Boy and His Balloon


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