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Net Neutrality Attacked Again in 2014: Internet Technology
Net Neutrality Attacked Again in 2014

By: David Rader II on January 20, 2014 @ 12:58 AM

The internet is not a communication medium. The internet is not a utility. It is not useful.


The New York Times website says:

"But since the Internet is not considered a utility under federal law, the court said, it is not subject to regulations banning the arrangements."

I looked up the definition of utility from Dictionary.com:

"2. something useful; a useful thing."

It fits almost every other definition too, aside from fertilizer. I think it's more of a utility than the traditional phone system at this point, don't you? In fact- many phones run through the internet now! All Comcast phones, more & more Verizion phones (east coast vendors) require internet access, Skype & many, many more.

Seriously, how silly can this get? Years ago they ruled free speech wasn't protected on the internet, because it's not technically a communication medium. I'm pretty sure those people are in heaven now, so please just let the laws state what things actually are!

Maybe even... re-write the laws for communication devices!



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