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Get Paid for Sharing Your Photos and Images: Internet Technology
Get Paid for Sharing Your Photos and Images

By: David Rader II on September 24, 2007 @ 6:02 PM

In my opinion the most important part about these services is that they enable you to share your photos more for free, but all of these services will get you paid by sharing your images and photos and why not? The people who we most currently host our images on make money from our hard work, so why shouldn't we too? They all also offer interesting communities to take part in as well if you choose.

No additional services need to be signed up for to use this service.
Yuwie.com Share photos, blogs, pictures.

A free Adsense account is required or partially required for the services below.

http://www.flixya.com/ - Share Videos, Photographs, Blogs, Make Money. 100% of ad impressions are supposed to go to you from Flixya.
Instructions to set Adsense up on Flixya:
1. Click "My Account"
2. Click "My Ad Settings"
3. You will be guided from there

shareapic.net - Get paid for sharing your pictures. It doesn't look like they pay 100%, but they seem to be really popular and uploading images to them is made very easy.
A tip I want to give you is you may never receive an activation email from this website (once you make a name/password, just login... and even when you're logged in, it may still say "SIGN UP," but disregard that).
Instructions to set up your money maker:
1. Click on the "Adsense" tab
2. The rest of the steps are there
(note: their service seems a little slow sometimes)

If you sign up using any of the above links, you should be automatically added to my friends list on those services.

A free PayPal account is required for the service below.
Get paypal free.

VuMe.com - Share videos, pictures, blogging (and eventually music and more).

At the places you've just read about, you can get paid to blog, post videos, music, and make money posting pictures and images.

No additional service needs be signed up for to use the following service:
chexed.deviantart.com Share pictures, have a journal, sell prints!
Here you do not profit monetarily by sharing your images so much, but you do have a chance on cashing in a little on selling prints.

I hope this article has helped you find what you're looking for easier, all put in one spot to save you some time!

If you're a true artist, you'll know that even if you don't make very much money (because you may not have the time), at least you can rest assured your work has had the opportunity to be viewed by so many more people.

Good Luck!


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