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Gravatar and Facebook Flickr Twitter Flotzam Masher: Internet Technology
Gravatar and Facebook Flickr Twitter Flotzam Masher

By: David Rader II on July 19, 2007 @ 6:04 AM

I found a cool little site today, which is growing. "Gravatar.com" You've heard of Avatars right? The little icons that go next to your name when you post something (especially on a forum)? Well, when you post on the internet at select websites, which use the Gravatar feature, it will use your "Gravatar" no matter which website your on.

Check out my Gravatar in action! (Hopefully this guy doesn't delete my post!) Actually, it's not working, but I've left the link there for hope. So here's a working example without a comment from me.

The website I originally stumbled across, flotzam seems to have some pretty entertaining technology to make even more good use out of Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and more. I don't have the proper software on my computer for it to work though. The program featured on this website must be pretty new!


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