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Help Get Free Upgrade Vista 64bit: Internet Technology
Help Get Free Upgrade Vista 64bit

By: David Rader II on December 08, 2007 @ 8:58 AM

It's has been reported that Windows Vista has been flopping1 for some time now. We should get something out of it besides a free downgrade to XP.

What's really killing Vista is an easily spottable mistake if you look on the shelves- and something reversible too. Almost every, if not every new computer on the market comes with 64bit processors. Most of those new computers come with Windows Vista 32 bit version, however. Does it make sense to ignore this new technology? Of course not.

Some may say there's compatibility issues, well "...for the most part, 64-bit systems run 32-bit applications very well..." except for the drivers,1 but new computers should come with new drivers and most people who's computer can run a Windows Vista upgrade have newer components on them too.

There's really no point in Windows Vista 32bit, because the best thing about the new computers people are buying isn't taken advantage of by Windows Vista 32. You're going to have problems with drivers for Vista 32 and Vista 64. if you're going to have problems with both, why not use the one with the most promise of more powerful computing?

If Microsoft wants to reverse this process, they can give Windows Vista 32 bit users a free upgrade to 64bit. It would not only make users more happy, but increase the userbase of 64 operating systems, in return increasing support for 64bit applications (and games). It's Microsoft's duty to use their enormous power to give life to that extra 32 bits just relaxing in peoples computers. People aren't getting their moneys worth. They're paying extra for 64 bit processors, but only running operating systems at 32 bit. Microsoft released a 32 bit operating system in an era of 64 bit processors.

Microsoft used to be on the edge of technology. They need to get back on that edge and give people something that makes a difference. Computers run faster with 64bit processors, Windows Vista 64bit can give people that power. Do it Microsoft, if not for the people, then for the processors, for the technology that you must keep pushing, without vanity, before you become the next Commodore 64.

Vista's sales will rise as Microsoft hoped, users will get its true power and their computers true power.

Now help get this happening! Blog about it, write about it, tell people about it! Get your computer out of the 32bit rut! Even you who already have a 64bit system need to do this, because without more people using 64 bit systems, you're never going to have the programs you should.



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